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Can you get pregnant on the depo shot?

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  • Can I get pregnant if I get my Depo shot 10 days late?

    I got my last Depo shot on January 13th, so it'll have been 12 weeks this Friday (April 7th) however, they can't get me in for my next shot until the 17th. I was told I should be fine so long as I get it by the 21st, but I'm really nervous. I'm only 20, so I feel I'm too young to get pregnant. Would I still be protected for those 10 days, or should I use a back-up method? Also, I still have Micronor (Progestin-only contraceptive) from before I went on the shot, and it hasn't expired. Could I use...


    Do not take the micronor! The depo is still in your system even though youre late on the shot. If the...

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