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Do super stars brush their own teeth?

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  • How to get toddler to let me brush his teeth?

    My son is 16 & 1/2 months he will be 17 months on August 8th, well he only has 6 teeth. He got his first 2 at 9 1/2months then the next 2 at 10 months. Once he had those 4 teeth i started brush his teeth and would let him try to brush them after i made sure i did it. He started fighting me so i kind of stopped brushing them for a while but he just got 2 more teeth last month at 15 months old and i have been struggling to try and brush them. It is so hard to brush his teeth that i literally have...


    Ok your trying too hard. Give him a small tooth brush with a little or no paste on it. Let him chew...

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