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How To Convert Txt To Srt Online?

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  • How to convert a .txt subtitle file to .srt format?

    I have a subtitle file, it looks like this: 00:00:44:" Myślę, więc jestem".|Kartezjusz, 1596-1650 00:01:01:Trzynaste Pietro 00:01:06:Podobno niewiedza uszczęśliwia. 00:01:10:Po raz pierwszy w życiu|zgadzam się z tym. 00:01:13:Wolałbym... 00:01:15:nigdy nie odkryć|tej straszliwej prawdy. 00:01:19:Teraz już wiem... I'm not sure what format this is, but I wanted to convert the subtitles to .srt. Unfortunately gnome-subtitles and subtitleeditor can't recognize this kind of format. gnome...


    This is very similar to @goldilock's approach but, IMO, simpler and can deal with empty lines in the...

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