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How do I fix my iPhone if it won't turn on or charge?

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  • My iphone won't turn on or charge for 3 days!? PLEASE HELP!!?

    So i got my iphone 3gs a couple months ago used but there was nothing wrong with it. It doesn't have a sim card in it so i can't call or text from it but i just use it as an ipod and play games on it. I have never had any problems with it except 3 days ago I was at my friends house and my iphone was i was looking for my friends charging dock and by the time i found it my iphone was dead. So i plugged it in and left it there for about an hour. I looked at it and it was still black...not...


    Try a Hard reset by holding down the Sleep button and Home button simultaneously, for about 10-15 seconds...

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