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How do your connect a Wii to the internet?

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  • How do I connect my Computer, Wii and Playstation3 to the internet, all at the same time?

    I want to connect all 3 to the internet so they can all be used at the same time - I am running Windows VISTA and at the moment I have a normal modem (with broadband internet) and my internet provider said I can connect as many devices as I want but my problem is that I don't know what I need in order for it to work - I have been told I need a wireless router or WIfi (is there a difference?) and apparently I still need other conections to plug into the back of the Ps3 as well as the back of the...


    a router is just like a power strip for plugging in a lamp ..i.e. your modem is like the wall socket...

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