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How to call .aspx page from a web web service(service.svc?

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  • Can we call aspx page which is a part of web service through a web application + consume webpage response from other page

    I have written a sample web service, which consist of certain .aspx pages. I have written a code to consume webmethods from that web service. Now, is it possible to load the aspx page which is a part of the web service from the calling web application i.e. from another aspx page which is outside the web service. How this scenario is; 1. I have one web application running with a page say Page1.aspx in browser. 2. I have created a web service which is having an aspx page say Page2.aspx. 3. There...


    When you say aspx page being part of web service - what do you mean by that? Assuming that its a normal...

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