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How to call java from c#?

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  • How to call Java API from NDK C++ thread?

    I want to call Java API from NDK C++ thread, but env->FindClass() return 0. But when I call Java API in main thread, it works well. I've already call AttachCurrentThread() in the thread, can anyone help me? Here is the source code: JAVA CODE: public class simple_test extends Activity { ... // This functin will be called in C++ public void PrintNdkLog(String slog) { Log.e(logTagNDK, slog); return; } } C++ CODE: static JavaVM* g_JavaVM = NULL; jobject getInstance(JNIEnv *env, jclass obj_class...


    I have solved it now. In NDK native thread, only can call static Java API. If you call env->FindClass...

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