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How to search in rails from two models?

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  • Fastest way to search two models connected via join table in rails given large data set

    I have a user model and a cd model connected through a join table 'cds_users'. I'm trying to return a hash of users plus each cd they have in common with the original user. @user.users_with_similar_cds(1,4,5) # => {:bob => [4], :tim => [1,5]} Is there a better/faster way of doing this without looping so much? Maybe a more direct way? def users_with_similar_cds(*args) similar_users = {} Cd.find(:all, :conditions => [" IN (?)", args]).each do |cd| cd.users.find(:all...


    You could use find_by_sql on the Users model, and Active Record will dynamically add methods for any...

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