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How well can this laptop emulate?

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  • What should I get, a tablet or a laptop?

    Listen, my Chrism is coming near, and I'mma get presants! But, since I get money, I get to buy myself what I want. Now. Before all, I like Android and stuff, so don't recommend me Apple stuff, cuz I'm kind of a hater. I was thinking about 2 thing, either a HP Pavilion dv6-6125sl laptop that has quad core CPU, 6750 HD gfx and 4 gigs of ram or a Asus EEE Transformer Pad TF101. Now, I don't need a TF201 solely because I think quad core mobile processor can be better. And I really like the laptop because...


    If gaming means a lot to you, don't bother with a tab, get the laptop. Yes, yes, laptops have some cheesy...

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