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WWE Royal Rumble Predictions.

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  • WWE Royal Rumble 2012 Predictions?

    In just 48 hours WWE will host the 25th anniversary of the Royal Rumble. There are currently 4 matches scheduled including the rumble match. Here are my Predictions: Match 1: John Cena vs. Kane Winner: Kane by DQ or No Contest Why: There is no way in hell Cena will win this match. Let's be honest. Yes, Kane has been kicking Cena's *** usually leading to Cena overcoming odds and prevailing come PPV time. This case is different. As of now, there is no storyline to transition Cena to Mania if he wins...


    Great analysis! Cena vs Kane I'm with you on this. Kane by DQ as Cena loses his mind. Rock has to get...

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