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What can I do to lose fat?

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  • What excercises can I do to lose my belly/stomach fat?!?!? or what Foods can I eat?

    I was so skinny a year ago and last summer I went to Jordan hope u know where that is don't want to explain anyways and I would hardly eat anything because I'm not used to the milk and foods ect.... So when I came back to Cali my dad had junk food icecream sugary cereal and ever since I started eating alott yett ppl tell me I look skinny "oh nizzy u look skinny" so ya and I just got a lil fatter from my thighs and I want to lose them and my stomach fat not neccarsarily want Abs just lose...


    - If anyone tells you to do crunches or sit ups don't listen since sit ups are a waste unless your a...

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