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What does Paypal PTE LTD MSP mean?

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  • TD Online Banking/Paypal Negative Balance confusion! HELP!?

    I recently bought a few items on eBay seeing as Christmas is right around the corner. I had no money in my DEBIT so I decided to use my CREDIT CARD. I also found out that I got my first pay on the 9th but clearly it isn't there. There are 4 "Transactions" on my paypal account costing: $15.90 $94.99 $67.69 $77.00 (My credit card was "rejected" so I got emails for each item informing me about it.) PayPal balance: -$267.21 CAD HERE'S WHAT'S CONFUSING ME! TD Bank Transactions: Date...


    Did you reset your preferred payment to your credit card? It's clear these transactions were sent to...

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