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What happens when you over charge a phone battery?

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  • How long can I charge my phone?

    My phone is a 1 week old Samsung Galaxy S2. The battery serves me all day from about 8:30 AM until it's time to sleep (usually somewhere between 11:00 to 12:00 at night) at this point it's always below 30%. So I usually plug it in and sleep, I leave it charging till the next day where I unplug it when I wake up at 8:30 AM. In conclusion, my phone spends about 9 hours on charge. I presume it should be done charging after 2 to 3 hours since plugged in. But what happens in the next additional 6 to...


    That is not good for the battery, at all. You should not leave it plugged in, if it is fully charged...

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