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What is the quickest way to lower your heart rate?

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  • My heart rate is really high: Best/fastest way to lower it by exercising? Only answer if you know cardio?

    I don't mean my resting heart rate (it's usually 60-75 when I don't drink any caffeine), but my heart rate when I'm walking. It goes up to 80-90 when I get up (I get up fast), and then goes well over 100 when I walk around. I've done all sorts of blood tests and EKGs (and even an ultrasound and a chest x-ray) because of tachycardia, but now that's all cleared up and the doctors all say I'm fine (it was only caused by anxiety). I'm not an active person though and I'm really out of shape. My target...


    If it isn't causing you any problems or interfering with your life and activities then it isn't something...

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