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Why are my aquatic plants dying?

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  • My aquarium plants are dying, why are they?

    In my first aquarium (15 gal Coulomb) I had little swords and Scarlet Temple, and Moneywort. the Swords and the Scar. Temple died. The Swords like had rotted roots and the Scar. Temple just never rooted. Now in my 30 gal (standard) the Amazon Sword is dying. Three fish died also, but it was because of a spike in ammonia that has since gone down(the tank was established ~1.5 months ago). So could the ammonia have an effect on the plants? I also used Florite as a fertilizer/substrate with mixed in...


    Hey I'm no expert but in my 70 litre tank i use tmc grobeam 1000 and it has worked wonders for any plants...

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