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Why can't I play battlefield 3 online on pc?

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  • Battlefield 3 issues for PC.?

    Well i finally gotten battlefield 3 for the PC. i can play about 5-10 minutes of multiplayer until it says "battlefield 3 has stopped working". i can play single player and co-op just fine. im just wondering if anybody else is having this problem, ive search EA forums and nVidia forums and i cant find anything about it. and if anybody had this problem and fixed how so? thx for reply. PC specs: Intel i5 quad-core @ 2.95Ghz, GTX470 GPU, 4GB ddr31600 windows 7 ultimate 32-bit.


    same crap, 5-10 min, some times i can get away with playing for around 30-1 hour if i really baby it...

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