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Why is there no sound in my vlc player?

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  • Sound isn't working for some video files on Windows Media Player and VLC is making my video have swiggly lines?

    Okay so there are two problems going on here and if even just one can be answered that would be fantastic. First, Windows Media Player: I have two videos that aren't working for the sound. One is in .avi format (but I have other videos in avi format that work perfectly) and the other is in .ts format. Second, VLC: For that video that is in .ts format, the video has these swiggly lines through it and it looks awful, but it looks fine in wmp (except that wmp won't play the sound...) I have K-lite...


    Why not try TS Converter. 4Videosoft TS Converter is also a TS Video Player. It features advanced and...

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