Quick Accessibility Page Tester

While there are some excellent accessibility toolbars that you can add to your browser, and also numerous online validators that you can use, sometimes the wealth and breadth of the tools on offer can actually be a bit overwhelming.

The Quick Page Accessibility Tester (oh for a more catchy name!) is bookmarklet/favelet that you can click on at any time which will give you a quick analysis of any web page. It highlights definite issues with your page, warns about possible issues and also highlights areas on the page that might benefit from some ARIA enhancements.

You can find out more about the tool by taking a look at this screencast.

Please note that the issues are not identified by any specific WCAG checkpoints (in either WCAG 1 or WCAG 2), and some are not actual accessibility failures, but are more general usability issues. In addition the ARIA enhancements are suggestions rather than indication of an accessibility failure. Enjoy!

How to use this tester

  1. Drag the link below to your favourites (or right-click and choose add to favourites):
    Accessible page?
  2. On any page that you want to test, click on this favourite
  3. Check out the issues identified then go fix as many as you can!

Here's a test page that's absolutely loaded with accessibility problems that you can try it out on.

There are more instructions if you need them.